Jan 1, 2009


To all friends and family,
wishing u all happy new year 2009.

Selamat menyambut tahun baru 2009.
Moga kehidupan kita terus dirahmati dan diberkati


BradPitt said...

Aslkm,Salam ziarah..erm gud info..sye nk jmput tuan rumah ke blog sye ni di http://sabtu-day.blogspot.com .. dan jgn lupe linkkn blog ni yer,bye..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Kenari, kong hei fatt choy to you and all at home.
Have a good year and lots of 2 moons night, *wink*.
Best wishes always, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kenari...I have terminated my previous email address. And accidentally deleted yours and several other friends addresses.
I tried to copy your address here, but it got returned to sender.
Would appreciate you note it here in full so I can copy.
As the one you have here does not show in full.
Thank you. Lee.
ps, I sent you a bouquet of Valentine Roses, it got returned. Sorry.

kenari said...

Uncle Lee, my email is kenari_kuning2@yahoo.com ;)

umar_skyscooter said...

hai2,nice blog ler,erm sye nak jemput tuan rumah ke blog sye ni di http://chipmunk18.blogspot.com ,n jgn lupe linkkan blog ini yer,ok thanks n bye

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