Mar 4, 2009

Percutian Keluarga - Part 5


Cowboys dan cowgirl berposing kat kapal...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kenari, I saw this Portuguese ship in Malacca when I balek kampong in 2002.

The kids look real cute in the hats.
Did you find time to go to Tanjong Bidara, about 25 miles away? Or Klebang by the sea?
Old days I used to go fishing around Pulau Besar, Pulau Undan, the lighthouse.

Nice pics bring back memories to me. Lee.

kenari said...

Hai Uncle Lee, u have been there yourself? Everyone in the group went up to the ship except me and mom, she said tak larat nak panjat naik atas. And so i kept her company, gazing from a far imagining that it was Titanic ;)

Unfortunately we didn't have the time to visit Tanjong Bidara or Klebang. Maybe next time we went to Melaka again and spend time by the sea and few islands there.

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